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Shralp & Camp 2023

Shralp & Camp 2023

This is a brief rundown on the history of Shralp & Camp as well as an idea of what to expect.

This event has gone by a few different names, it’s had a few different formats, but a few things are consistent.  Shralp & Camp started out as a little event/challenge/camping excuse call the Knob Noster Knasty.  

Knob Noster Knasty was an epic two day push from the shop to Knob Noster State Park.  69 Miles along Highway 50.  Originally the thought was for it to be a race, but by the end it was just a feat to survive back to back 69 miles days in 100° full sun type of situations.  This event was such a fantastic challenge, but I wanted something a little more relaxed and accessible to a broader range of riders.

With the discovery of a fully paved 20ish mile trail that winds it’s way along the Eastern edge of Smithville Lake, the next step in this weekend’s events was in place.  So our first go at a “new” event that harnesses all the conveniences that Smithville Lake provides was called Boards and Baskets.  This was a combined Push Challenge and Disc Golf style event.  For those that wanted to come and skate a little, and go throw some discs at one of several disc golf courses the lake offered.

Unfortunately that year the rain had really filled up the lake.  This caused several hang ups.  Firstly there was only 5 miles of trail available.  That five miles of trail was filled with mud and goose crap.  It was not fun.  The most miles skated was 50, so 10 laps of goose crap mud filled challenge.  To top it all off, most of the baskets at the disc golf course were also under water, so it wasn’t’ much of a tournament either.

The year after that we gave kendamas a shot. That event we called Boards and Swords.  It was another two part idea that didn’t go well at all.  On one hand we had the staple of the push, the full amount of the trail was available……but critical mistakes in gear acquisition caused the pushers to not get much time.  Basically I forgot my shoes, or was this the year I forgot my hydration pack, one of these years I even forgot my board.  Some times the greatest challenge was just getting out of bed.  Man.  This year was so hot that we didn’t have a very big group in attendance so the even the kendama trick checklist was left to the birds.  We had planned a big score sheet and scavenger hunt to get as many people on boards with kendamas as we could.  Too many factors to overcome for the main point, but we still had a good time hanging out and enjoying the lake.  I still have the trophies from that event too.  There wasn’t enough people in attendance to even hold a contest.  They can’t all be winners.

Last year I feel like we really hit our stride with the format and idea of the whole weekend.  We called it Camp and Skate or some such right up until the current name came about.  


Shralp & Camp.  

 What all this is for is an excuse to get together with our community, skate, hang out, and raise some money for our Stoke Clinics.  Last year we raised $200, which the shop matched and we bought several new helmets and knee pads for people to use at our monthly Stoke Clinics.  


The whole weekend rolls out like this:  

Friday Night we set up camp.  Discuss the features and challenges of the course, and go to bed as early as we can.

5am is the Kick Off Time.   There are several reasons for this.  Mainly because this gives riders a real solid chance to skate at least 40 miles before the sun really starts beating down.  This event is historically really really really hot, close to 100°, so the more miles kicked before noon, the more miles that can be skated usually.

Skating is said to go on until 6pm.  No one has ever made it that long, most people have bonked or stopped before that time, but just in case we made a stop time.  In that past events this gave a really defined time for support to have food ready for riders who pushed all day, as well as a good meet up time to gather around and eat some food together as a group.  So bring your favorite hot weather camping food.  

After dinner we go over the days successes and wins, then set about showing off the fun items we gathered to raffle off for the fund raiser itself.  However much we raise, the shop matches and we use those funds to buy equipment for the monthly Stoke Clinics.  These items can range from rare decks, art pieces, and various other items that most skaters would really be stoked on.  This year we have some prototype Pocket Change decks to throw in the mix as well as some one off art pieces with art from the ever radical McKinley Illustrations.

Now is the time to get your camp sites registered and paid for.  The main area is our traditional camp sites at Crow’s Creek Campground, Loop D sites 239 and 240.  So fill the sites around us up so we don’t have to run through random strangers sites.  We are right next to a playground, and the trail so bring the kids and lets have a rad time.

For up to date information or any questions join the Burning Spider Stoked Community on Discord.


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