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The Next Steps

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  • By Joe B
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The Next Steps

Welcome to the new site, here is what we know doest work, an where we are going next.


We are plugging right along.  We still have a couple things we need to get figured out before we can let the most stoked people on the internets (Psst!  Thats you dudes) continue our mission of slanging stoked far and wide.

So right now you'll notice that on the top of the bar it says we are still in demo mode.  That is just until we get a few things sorted out.  As far as I can tell at this time, we just need to be approved from our payments processing, all we are waiting on is an email from those guys.  Then we need to get our shipping solutions dudes to get along with our new website host.  Waiting on an email from those dudes too.

Hey!  We got this far, so the next few deals are just around the corner.  Thank you so much for your patience as we get ready to really kick our 10th year into high gear.

There are some exciting new products coming from the homies over at Landyacthz, Pantheon, and Loaded so stay tuned for those goods.  We should have everything ironed out just in time.

We have some surprise's we have in store for this month too.  It would probably be worth it to check back on the 14th of February for the next big announcement.  

Even though we have the cart disabled until we get everything sorted you can still hop in a create an account.  That way when everything gets a rolling you won't have to miss a step. 

If you haven't had a change to check out Discord we have some cool stuff coming with our very own server. This is going to be our direct 1 to 1 ability to converse with you guys.  No need to worry about missing a post because FB decided to be a jerk and hide us from you.  So join now, we are constantly asking the Stoked Community for ideas, advice, and features they want to see as we see together just how cool we can make it.

Thank you dudes so much!!

Here we go!!!


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