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Welcome to the brand new site!

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  • By Joe B
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Welcome to the brand new site!

We point out some brand new features, tease some features to come, and catch you guys up on everything that's been going down.


Ooh! Actually it should say:


This is our 10th year of slinging stoke in the Kansas City metro area and this brand new website is what we got everyone.  

You see, without you guys, the greater Stoked Community, for all of your support over the past 10 years then we wouldn't be able to move into this much more powerful set of tools for communication.  Which just opens more doors to bringing everyone together to celebrate this empowering passion of skate.  

The obvious updates are in how everything looks.  Hopefully it will be your online portal to coming in the shop and kicking it old school right here in the flesh.  For those who haven't been to the shop IRL, then this is just gearing you up for the just in case.  When you do come, then hopefully you will notice some things form this site that are mirrored in the store.  Not just in how it all looks, but also how we tend to do things.

We are passionate, and very open minded.  We are not only teachers and instructors, but students.  Learning every aspect of skating we can just so we can optimize your set up to do what you want it, need it, or wish it to do.  So things are constantly in flux as we adapt to information presented to us.  Just like in skateboarding, adapting to our surrounding and having fun while we are at it.  Skateboarding / longboarding  what ever you want to call it isn't a place for needless rules.  We would even go out on a limb and say there aren't any rules in skateboarding.  The point is to have fun, and everyone has fun in different ways, and the more different people we have riding along well, the more different ways we get to learn to enjoy this Shralp Life.


Same attitude, new way to slang it.

Let's list some features!

2021 brought us the next step in full stoke explosion, Pocket Change Skateboards!!!!!  These are made by us right here in Kansas City.  Each of these handcrafted decks leave the Stoke Lab after hours of meticulous transformation .  From raw 1/16th Maple veneers to gravity harnessing soul sleds, just for you.  There will be several ways on this site to get to and keep up with the latest presses coming out and new developments on that front along the way.

The next big update is an easy link to our Discord server called the Burning Spider Stoked Community.  I feel like a big part of our start was using Facebook to build the Kansas City Longboarding Community.  Currently that group has over 1,500 members and is pretty active place to catch a session if you are in or around town.  With recent events and revelations however we are less than stoked on the controls and ability or in this case lack of ability to communicate with our community at even a base level.  So we are going to build something better, we hope, easier to use, a little more forward.  Our goal with this is to take the stoke we have generated with KCLC on Facebook, and bring that to our Discord server, and the really be able to have direct way to communicate with you guys.  A dedicated place to highlight the positivity in the greater skate community.  Everyone that comes into the Stoked Community will be people who like us appreciate how uplifting skating can be.

We have a few other things that will tie into our Discord server going forward that should be take the fun to another level as well, so hop in there.  If you don't know anything about Discord, then join anyways..neither do we.  We know just enough to understand it's the right tool to help us stoke a bigger audience up and make a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Here is the first of many blog posts.  Oooh!  We had a blog on the old site too, and we will have ways you can go check that out if you want, but this new blog is way more integrated into what we wanting to do, so this will be the new place.  We plan on doing some product reviews, event break downs, and good stuff like that.

Thank you again.

Joe B


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