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Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Spider Dudes!  How do we get in contact with you?  How can we keep up with all your radness?

We have some pretty standard forms of communication.

Email: [email protected]

Shop Phone: 816-569-5249

By Mail: 1603 W 39TH STREET , Kansas City, Mo 64111

Via Instagram:

Via FaceBook:

Via YouTube:

Via Discord:

Or heck, just drop on by the shop and come on in.


Are you guys a Smoke Shop?

No.  NO we are not a smoke shop.


How can I skate with you?

We love skating with the community and folks driving through.  Hit us up through one of the aforementioned methods, tell us when and how you want to skate, and we will do our best to hook up a session.  A Date you can count on is every Second Sunday of the Month at the Stoke Clinics.


Dude I just ordered, who is sending it to me?

We are first and foremost a brick and mortar store.  So all products are coming from us.  We send this within 48 hours (not counting holidays or Sundays) of your order clearing and send it via UPS or USPS.  Usually making it to you in 2-3 days.  Of course certain locations and things beyond our ability to predict may cause this to run long.


What is a "Back Order" Item?

These are items that we may not have in stock, but we can still drop ship them to you.  These items my take an additional 48 hours to get to you, because once ordered and payed we send the order to our Vendor partners and they send you the item.


I am a collector, and I do not want to skate the product I am buying.  Can I get extra special treatment and consideration?

We treat everyone with as much respect as they treat us.  If you are a collector, and you are purchasing, or thinking of purchasing and item, or that item comes with special "things" please hit us up before you order so we can make sure to: A) Send everything together in a manner that you are stoked on.  B) Let you know if we have those special things available.  C) Let you know of the condition of the items you are buying before you even purchase them.

If you don't let us know it's a special case, then we will assume you are going to skate the product you are buying.