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  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)
  • Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)

Tekton 7-Ball Ceramic XT (Yellow)

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Seismic Skate Systems Tekton 7-Bal Ceramic XT bearings with Yellow Faces. These are made in bot Classic and Built-In bearing styles.

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Sold as a set of 8 bearings.

Seismic Skate Systems’ Tekton 7-Ball XT Ceramic Bearings share several core features:


Classic 7-Ball Configuration:  

This standard bearing configuration stands up to frequent high impacts and side loads.  The bearings meet or exceeds all criteria for ABEC-9 rating.


Premium Black Ceramic Balls:  ( Real deal N4Si3 / trisilicon tetranitride) Lighter than steel, smoother, harder, heat-resistant, rustproof, increased acceleration and speed, scour / clean raceways as you roll.  Perfect for distance skating in all conditions.


XT Construction: 

The Superior steel and advanced heat treatment result in a 50% tougher, stiffer, and thicker casing.  This allows the ball raceways to maintain a smoother polish for longer, spin truer, and resist flexing from hard impacts.


Dust-Resistant Ball Retainers:

Made from Dupont® high grade Nylon, the ball retainer keeps bearings cleaner for longer without the friction causing second seal.


Super Lube: 

Each bearing is packed with  “high-RPM” light grease from Kyodo Japan.  This grease is designed for perfect performance under real skating conditions.


Seismic finishes these bearings with black outer casings, a standard removable rubber-coated steel seal with a printed graphic. 


It doesn’t come in a fancy box, with a bunch of extra BS.  This is to say that everything that has gone into the cost of the bearing actually makes a difference in its overall performance. There isn’t any random adapted novelty features, no fancying up of standard bearing construction practices that bearing manufactures should use to make their bearings.  

The Seismic Tekton 7-Ball XT Ceramic bearings come in two Inner Race Options:



The same style of bearing you have always skated.  Great for Street wheels, or bearing hubs that may run a bit narrower than standard.  Comes with a Versatile Free-Spacer System:  Precisely-sized spacers that match up against the bearings inner race and stabilize them inside the wheels.  Combined with the new tighter radial tolerances this system reduces torsional play inside the bearings.  This super tight alignment keeps your bearings from wearing out from excess friction and wear while reducing noise.\


Inner Race: Specially contoured under seal to keep dust and crud out.



This style is where Seismic makes its mark.  You don’t need to add a bearing spacer to this bearing because they are built-in.  This patented spacing system (U.S. Pat. #9,126,101) is a built-in half spacer that ends in an extra wide contact surface that squares up and self stabilizes inside the wheels.  This system corrects for manufacturing flaws in bearing seat levelness, spacing, axle diameter, and straightness.  The new built-in spacers combine with the tighter radial tolerances to lock in uber-precise alignment, protecting agains excess friction and wear.


Inner Race:  Specially contoured under seal to keep out the crud.  These are also extended .5mm outside to form a built-in washer too.  

You don’t need bearing spacers, axle washers, or extra funds to enjoy the truest rolling experience offered in bearings.


All of these feature are designed to give the rider the best possible speed & acceleration, more consistent wheel contact & grip while cornering, more predictable slide release & hookup, and longer wheel & bearing life.



NOTE:The broad Tekton XT flanges may not fit hub-less street wheels with old-style, oversized bearing supports, which sometimes leave the wheel’s central hole smaller than the flange (15mm in diameter). For wheels of this type, use Tekton Classic or Tekton LITE Built-In bearings.

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